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Mericcup Week, Day 7: Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

[[Listen to Me!!]]

Merida’s feet slipped on the thick moss as she stumbled forward. Hiccup wasn’t heavy—for a boy, at least—that wasn’t what made walking hard. The gash on her side refused to stop bleeding. But she didn’t have time to stop and tend to that—it was going to be dark soon, and she had no idea where they were…

She paused for a slight moment to adjust her hold on the unconscious load on her back. Her fingers brushed through his dark hair with a slight sigh before she set her face and, ignoring the pain and new drizzle of blood, she pressed forward towards… somewhere…

Where was she going?

Would she even reach the castle in time—Hiccup was sick, how much longer did she have until it overwhelmed him completely and she lost him?

Before she could take another step forward, a light sigh made her freeze. Her head snapped up, a few strands of hair falling into her eyes. A small spirit shimmered in front of her, its tiny arms flowing up and down softly. “… A wisp—” she whispered, relieved tears starting down her dirt and blood streaked face. “C-cannae ye lead us ‘ome?” she asked it; the wisp tilted its head at her slightly before it vanished. Merida’s heart clutched and she almost collapsed forward, strength spent. “N-nonono—wait! ‘e-e’s sick, and ‘e needs ‘elp, Ah—!” If not even the spirits would help them…!

Her shoulders sagged, sending Hiccup’s weight against the curve of her neck. She inhaled deeply, fingers gripping to him tightly as she stared at the ground, trying to calm down. What now? What was left to do—? She could try to find a place for them to settle down and wait—she could try to find something to wrap Hiccup up in, to ward his fever off—maybe there was an herb clutch near by…

Then the lights came back, lined up in a long, elegant path. Each wisp whispered to her gently, urging her to follow them. Her head snapped up and the princess weakly laughed—Hiccup moaned on her back, slowly gaining consciousness, and she grinned widely as she held him closer. “We’re almos’ out, Hic—ye’ll be a’right…”

Blood soaked, tired and laden with her best friend, Merida pressed a quick kiss to Hiccup’s shoulder before she took a deep breath and gathered up all her strength as she pounded down the path of wisps towards safety, trusting them to lead her and the boy on her back out of the darkness.

I felt like drawing Merida being the knight in shining armor. It was fun. 8D

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